VoiceThread Universal Guide

    Welcome to VoiceThread Universal

    You were just on the Home page for VoiceThread Universal, where you can navigate to VoiceThreads, sign out of your account, or visit the standard VoiceThread site.

    To get started:
    Select Go to My Threads. Then choose a category to bring up a list of VoiceThreads, or choose "In my Groups" or "In my Organizations" to bring up the VoiceThreads shared with them.

    You can always go back to the previous page at the bottom of the screen.

    Once you’ve selected a list, choose a VoiceThread to participate in. From the Thread overview, start playing the VoiceThread from the beginning, or select a page of the VoiceThread to jump to. When you’ve finished playback of comments, you can select the "Add a new text comment", go to the Next slide, or return to the Thread overview.

    VoiceThread Universal allows you to start or stop any comment or video by either using your keyboard (when assisted access is enabled) or by clicking your mouse anywhere when the listed item space. You can also rewind or fast forward comment by pressing anywhere within the media.

    VoiceThread Universal provides a navigation system to return to the previous page or go back to the home page at the bottom of every page. When you are viewing a thread you can choose to go to the previous page, next page, or to the thread overview at the top of each page.

    If you have any suggestions on how to make VoiceThread Universal better in the future, please offer your suggestions by leaving your feedback at the link below.

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